A Whole New Deal

We're fools for great stories told well

Our game plan: to create a premiere story studio, pairing fresh ideas in middle grade, young adult, and new adult fiction with the writers meant to bring them to life. A wildcard is a game-changer. That’s us. And you know what? We think it’s you, too.

Get in the Game

Putting our Cards on the Table

a peek at what we do and how we do it.

  • Show your Hand

    Submit your best stuff. Any genre, any style. The writing YOU consider your ace-in-the-hole.

  • Are we a Pair?

    We do a bit of creative matchmaking, connecting the perfect storyteller with one of our smoking story concepts.

  • Game On

    We work together to create an astonishing story—and then we help put that story into the right hands.

  • It's a Deal

    Industry pros snap up the story we’ve created together and transform it into that most magical of things: a published book.

We Win, You Win

At Wildcard, we’re not just about game-changing stories. We’re about a fresh, nimble approach to publishing and story-making. And more than that, we’re about fairness and transparency in all we do.

We’re writers ourselves, and we know how we like to be treated. So that’s how we’ll treat you. Our good fortune is your good fortune. Plain and simple: we’re in this together.