Our Deal

Join hands with Wildcard Storymakers. We're in this together.

No joke.  We’re passionate about great stories and even more passionate about the people who create them.  We love writers.  We are writers.  And we’ve devoted our lives to both the art and the business of books.

At Wildcard, we’re betting on each other.  So, when you work with us, you’re collaborating with people who respect and admire what you do – and who do it themselves.  You’re signing on to be part of an intense, exciting, supportive team whose goal is to put fantastic books into the hands of readers.

These may be our stories, our concepts, characters, worlds and ideas – but you’ll be bringing them to life, giving them a voice. We value your part in the equation – not just as a writer but as the co-creator of awesome.

So, with us, you get more than the standard deal.   We expect your best, and we’ll reward you you for it.  That means we’re offering more than a flat fee and an “adios, pardner.”

In other words, if a book we work on together makes money, you’ll know it, and you’ll get a share of the pot.  From royalties to foreign rights, we’ll keep you in the game.

When we say we’re a “whole new deal,” we mean it.  So send us a sample and see for yourself.