The Game

At Wildcard Storymakers, we're changing the game,
with new rules that suit you, the writer.

We may use whimsical language to explain our process, but don’t let that fool you. With our passion and our years of experience in the story-making biz, we’re at the top of our game and want to bring you with us. Here’s an idea of what to expect when you belly up to our table.

How It Unfolds
The Bank

Deep in the vaults of Wildcard Central, you’ll find our most precious of treasures: The Idea Bank. This is where it all begins—with rough concepts, shadowy ideas, and sometimes that most vaunted of prizes: the seeds of a real STORY.

The Buy-In

Those concepts earn our buy-in. Our creative team nurtures them to life, sharpening them, creating characters, plots, a world, and a detailed outline. We plan out not just one phenomenal story but an entire series. We dream BIG.

Pick A Player

And then we decide who we want to deal into the game. We pore over samples, read through questionnaires, and ask ourselves: who makes the perfect match for this idea? Who’s going to be the real deal and bring his or her best to the table?

Deal The Cards

Making that decision requires an “audition” process. We’ll ask you to create two or three sample chapters and to talk to us about why this story appeals to you, why you’re the perfect person to give our precious ideas true form.

Showing Our Hand

After we select a writer, we dig deep into the collaborative process. This may mean sitting at a table to brainstorm or getting together virtually. We’ll hash out any last bits that need hashing and then set you loose to create a strong partial submission.

Bet Big

We’ll guide you every step of the way and push you, warmly and supportively, to bring your “A-Game.” Then we’ll take your fantastic work, bundle it into a fantastic presentation, and—with the help of our ace literary agents--put it in front of the best people working in the publishing industry today.


At that point, the game changes. We’ll pop some champagne, sign some contracts, and then—with our partners at the publishing house–create some delivery milestones. Somewhere in there, too, we’ll all get to enjoy the more tangible rewards of our hard work (i.e., actual money). The Wildcard game is about laughing, playing and working hard–together.  And we want you to be part of it. Ready?